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The Happy Healthy Story

We are dog lovers. We are dog owners. We are the type that annoyingly stop and pat every pooch that walks past us! For years, we have fed our very own gorgeous little companions home-cooked dog food. Cookie (our little Aussie X Silky Terrier) had a better Sunday meal prep session than most body builders out there!

After meeting some families who genuinely only had the time to feed their dogs packet / canned dog food & dry kibble we decided...

We put coats on them. We put little shoes & socks on them. We buy them fancy leashes and often spoil them with a bed that is 10x their required size!

Why not feed them the best, healthiest and nutritionally balanced dog food too!

Why Choose Happy healthy dog?

We are different.

We provide a variety of healthy dog food, made with REAL love, for the best price. We have done the hard work for you...

Variety, variety, variety

Too much variety can actually upset the doggie tummy. So, we have created a meal plan that is just right. We don't want your dog to eat the same flavour every day, so our healthy week consists of the perfect mix of meats, organ meats, fruit, vegies and healthy carbs.

Exact portions, all labelled.

Did you know, there are specific universal guidelines on how many calories your dog should consume every day? We do!

And based on your dog’s weight, age, size and activity level we serve up the exact portion that your furry friend needs to stay healthy.

All meals & days are labelled for you as is what to pop in the fridge, and what to freeze for later. It's too easy to follow...

We are Flexible​​

Whether its s meal plan or auto-repeat bulk order you can pay fortnightly or monthly.

Moving? Easily change your delivery address and your ​delivery will reach you on time- every time.

Going on a holiday, Pause your meals.

And cancel anytime.

We love our dogs. We are tired of seeing our beautiful pets eat the same old boring food. And we’re sure you are too. We know many of you don’t feel right about feeding your pets store-bought processed foods, while you eat fresh meals each evening. And even if you were to cook your dog a separate fresh meal, how are you to know if you’re meeting all their nutritional needs? That’s where we would love to help. We put our heart into cooking and delivering delicious, nutritionally complete meals for your beloved furry companion.

Once-off meals can upset your dog stomach. That’s why we serve up healthy meals for the whole week. And you choose whether it’s one happy healthy dog meal per day, or two.
The meals are vacuum sealed for freshness and delivered to you for free – each fortnight.

No more worrying about forgetting the dog food! And no more boring dry/canned food. We do everything for you. It’s a win-win, for both you and your little (or not so little) one.

Does the food I'm providing meet my dog's nutritional needs?

As the range of food available for dogs grows, and our understanding of the relationship between diet and health continues to develop, it is vital to base our meal choices on good information.

All our meals are based on the nutritional requirements for dogs stated by the National Research Council (NRC) & The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The NRC are responsible for publishing the 'Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats' - a widely accepted and prescribed to source by Vet experts. They list a particular set of Vitamins & Minerals that each dog meal MUST have.

We have done comprehensive lab testing on every HHD meal, and the results show:

NRC / AAFCO required Nutrients & AmountsHappy Healthy Dog Meals
Vitamins A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B5, B12, Folic acid, CholineYes
Minerals: Ca, P, (Ca:P ratio), K, Na, Ch, Mg, Cu, I, Fe, Mn, Se, ZYes


Teaming up with Dog Rescue Charities

We genuinely care A LOT about all our furry loved ones.

A fair share of every $1 we make goes to our selected charities and other dog related support events. Please keep an eye out on our facebook page and instagram for exciting dog festivals / fairs and events!

We are committed to the overall well-being of dogs and pets across Australia and the World. If you are part of something dog-spectacular, we'd love to hear about it!