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Those who don’t deserve to be dog owners

Those who don’t deserve to be dog owners Warning! Controversial… We have all seen it. We have all felt it. That feeling you get sometimes…

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Those who don’t deserve to be dog owners

Those who don’t deserve to be dog owners Warning! Controversial…

We have all seen it. We have all felt it. That feeling you get sometimes when you go over to someones house – look at their dog and think… “hmm, I wish they treated their dog a little better”


Most dog owners are amazing. They adore their pets and in-fact do not even see them as pets, but instead family members. These fur-children are treated like kings, queens, princes and princesses. They are spoilt. And in return, these beautiful creatures bring endless joy, unconditional love, hours of laughter and in many cases comfort.


Let’s not forget the 1000s of instagram worthy photos! To these fur-Mums and Dad’s….good on you!


But here are some signs of those that I’m sorry to say – should not be dog owners.


1. People who bring a dog into their homes and treat them as an object. You simply feed it, walk it and then leave it outside. You rarely interact with your gorgeous dog. These are the owners who every time their dog gets close – it looks as if they are interacting with them for the first time.


2. The lazy dog owner. I am talking about those poor pets who haven’t had a bath in months. You can see 100 flies bothering them, but the owner says – “It’s OK, I’ll spray him later”. The backyard is riddled with mess and kennel / bed looks like its never been cleaned since the day it was bought.


3. Those that treat their dogs as undomesticated animals. Why they have decided to keep a pet, I am not sure. But, these are the people that lack the understanding that dogs require training, which requires patience. They won’t come with automatic toilet training mode built in. And that slapping, kicking, shouting at your dog will not get you what you want.


4. The leash pullers. Once again, I am sure we have all had that moment where a little tug on the leash has been required to encourage our dog to continue walking, or ‘get away from that snake!’ But, have you seen those reluctant walkers who are wishing they were anywhere else other than on a walk with their dog. Those who have winched their dogs into the air from their leash, and thrown them back down – because 2 soft tugs didn’t work.


5. The knowing offender. These are the households that are just not made for dogs, but someone decided to bring one home anyway. Households where some occupants are allergic. Or some family members are terrified of dogs and can’t leave their own room, if the dog is in the hallway. In many cases one person at home has begged for a dog, which has been delivered. Now in some cases, some of the above can make sense.


There is often some family members that aren’t as ‘used to’ with dogs as others.And that is OK.

There are family members who just aren’t as social with dogs as others. And that is OK too.


But to all others. It simply isn’t fair on your gorgeous companion. You should never have a dog or any pet for that matter, just for the sake of it. So what should these dog owners do. Well look around, and see how other loving dog households treat their furry ones. There are 100s of dog trainers and classes out there. Here you can learn how to interact with your dog better, and teach them a thing or two too. And if you have had enough of owning a dog, or simply can’t be bothered any more. It is very much OK to find your pet a new home. In-fact it is much better than suffering through it, and forcing your dog to suffer too. Give them a new home, where they can be loved and treated like a… KING, QUEEN, PRINCE, PRINCESS