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Claim your 15% OFF discount

Claim your 15% OFF discount


To our valued customers (both two and four-legged),

We know this is a challenging time for everyone with the situation regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus) continually evolving.
At Happy Healthy Dog, the health and well being of our customers is the very reason behind why we do what we do. Our goal has always been to nourish and enrich our beloved dogs lives. This will not change.

Our 3-Step PROMISE

  1. All our food is prepared in a fully-certified commercial kitchen, with our small team following all health and sanitary protocols.

  2. Our ingredients are all sourced from Local suppliers.

  3. And as much as we like to knock and say hello upon delivery, we will be offering a zero contact delivery service.

    We wish you all the best of health and please contact us for any questions or queries.


1Choose your meal plan
2Your meals will be delivered
3Customised meal plan

We deliver to NSW, QLD and VIC - and it's free! Delivery frequency varies depending on what you order

Meal Plan Display

1 Week Trial

A great way to introduce Happy Healthy Dog to your furry family member!

1 meal each day – for 7 days.

Each meal is a customised half meal specifically for your dog. (Always phase in new foods to your dogs diet, so we only provide half a days worth of food and we ask you to continue to mix and match that with the current doggy diet!).

All flavour varieties included.

Prices starting at $15 /week +$4 one-off box fee!


Healthy Dog food - Half Dog Bowl

Half Meals Each Day

Some of you prefer to feed a little of your own through out the day. Or you may want to add something to compliment your dogs current diet!

If so then this meal plan is the best for you! We give you 1 delicious customised meal per day for the week.

Each meal is a half portion of your dog’s daily food / calorie requirement.


This flexible option let’s you add your own kibble, treats, or dry / wet food.

All flavour varieties are included!

Prices start at $14 / week

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plate 1

Ultimate Dog full Meal Plan

Full Meals Each Day

We provide a complete healthy dog food diet for the week, custom portion sized for your special one.

You do not need to compliment or supplement your dogs diet with any other food!
(Other than a few treats here and there!)

You may serve it as 2 meals a day or just 1 big serving.

All flavour varieties included.

Week 1 is an introductory week – half meal portions.

Prices starting at $20/week


You have added a variation of this product to the cart already.



plate 1

Chicken Lick'n

Our Chicken Lick’n is a favourite! This dish is the perfect combination of tasty and healthy!

Made from premium:
Chicken breast chunks
Chicken liver
Peach & pear
 Natural yoghurt
Bone meal
Flaxseed oil
HHD Vita-mix

plate 2

Beef Liverlicious

The gourmet staple - we offer you a special take on the standard dog must have meal.

We use premium:
Lean, beef mince
Chicken liver
Green vegies

Bone meal
Flaxseed oil
HHD Vita-mix

Lamb Close-up

Oh My Lamb! (NEW)

Our newest offering - quality lean lamb with vegies and healthy carbs.


Ingredients include premium:
Lamb mince
Baked sweet potato
Broccoli florets
Bone meal
Flaxseed oil
HHD Vita-mix

plate 4

Deluxe Kangaroo Meatloaf

Good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and an intolerance to other meat proteins.

Each dish consists of:
Premium Kangaroo
Low-fat, cottage cheese and linseeds
Bone meal
Flaxseed oil
HHD Vita-mix


Working with Canine Nutritionists and Behaviourists, we have designed a weekly meal plan that is just right for your dog, and made from the best dog food you can find. We offer 4 tasty & super healthy meal varieties over the course of the week, and guide you each step of the way.

Each meal is custom-sized to meet the specific calorie needs of your dog. Our meals meet the requirements set by AAFCO, and have been through thorough lab testing and doggie trials to ascertain their nutritional value. We use only organic, ethically sourced and human-grade ingredients, and vacuum seal our meals to maintain optimum freshness.

To save you time effort and guessing, we have done all the hard work for you! Simply warm and serve, and spoil your dog- the healthy way!


We have 3 meal plans for you to choose from below. If your dog has any allergies or sensitivities, feel free to contact us, and we can assist you with a customised meal plan.

Not sure? Let us guide you to the perfect choice...

Multi-dog discount!

More than 1 dog at home? Lucky! Order for 2 dogs and receive a 10% discount. Order for 3 or more dogs and receive 15% OFF!

No lock in-contacts!

You may pause / cancel at any time.


Answer our simple quiz and we will recommend what we think is the best Meal Plan option for you.

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