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Claim your 15% OFF discount

Claim your 15% OFF discount

1-Week Trial

1-Week Trial

The 1-Week Trial is a great way to try out our delicious weekly meal plan.

During the week, we will provide you with a half day portion of fresh food – that is customised for your dog. We base this customisation on your dogs weight, activity level, age and breed.

Each of your meals use only Organic and Human-grade ingredients and are vacuum sealed – so they stay fresh.

Why is it only a half-day portion? When introducing a new diet, you should always do so gradually. This is so we do not upset the doggy stomach! That is why in Week 1, we always provide only half-day portions. It is important you continue to feed half of your dogs existing diet each day during this week.

You get to try ALL our delicious flavours (unless you specify otherwise), and delivery is FREE anywhere in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Our meals are designed to meet the Nutritional Requirements outlined by AAFCO.

Further details and DISCOUNT offers are outlined in section below.



plate 1

Chicken Lick'n

Our Chicken Lick’n is a favourite! This dish is the perfect combination of tasty and healthy!

Made from premium:
Chicken breast
Chicken liver
Peach & pear
Low-fat, natural yoghurt!

plate 2

Beef Liverlicious

The gourmet staple - we offer you a special take on the standard dog must have meal.

We use premium:
Lean, beef mince
Chicken liver
Pumpkin & green peas

New Pork Flavour v2

Oh My Pork!

Our newest offering - quality lean pork with vegies and healthy carbs.


Ingredients include premium:
Baked sweet potato
Carrots & Broccoli florets
Dash of Olive Oil

plate 4

Deluxe Kangaroo Meatloaf

Our premium offering of kangaroo is sure to impress the fussiest of doggy eaters! Good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and an intolerance to other meat proteins.

Each dish consists of:
Premium Kangaroo
Low-fat, cottage cheese and linseeds

Additional Information
Age Chart
Discount Offers
Delivery information
Additional Information
  • All flavour varieties are included (unless you specify otherwise)
  • All meals meet AAFCO Nutritional Requirements for Adult Dogs
  • All meals are Vacuum sealed for freshness, and stay fresh refrigerated for up to 2 weeks, and 3 months frozen
  • One-off box fee of $4 is applicable for our customised insulated boxes
  • Feeding guides are provided on each packet
  • We recommend puppies (particularly under 3 months old) be supplemented with additional puppy specific food. (See Age Chart).
Age Chart

Discount Offers

Multi-dog discount – If you order for 2 dogs we give you 10% OFF. 3 dogs or more and you get 15% OFF!

We recommend puppies (particularly under 3 months old) be supplemented with additional puppy specific food – Please refer to the ‘Age Chart’.

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